Exploit Thy Neighbor

AK, I recently moved to a new neighborhood and after a bit of searching found a new barber shop in my new neighborhood. The place is small and dirty, but not filthy. It has a wide array of reading material (most features attractive women wearing little or nothing), a hot lather machine and a big… Continue reading »


How to end a Fling

Today is Thursday so that means: THURSDAY SMUT!! Every Thursday I respond to just the smutty letters. If you have a smutty situation that you need advice on please let me know. Hi AK, I need help with this thing.  My neighbor and I fooled around on the couch one night and I have always thought… Continue reading »


The Not Funny Costanzas

Dear AK, I am in this really bad habit of talking about my parents behind their backs to each other.  They kind of started it because they get really irritated with each other now that they’ve both retired.  My dad complains about my mom spending money and my mom complains about my dad being a… Continue reading »

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