The Not Funny Costanzas

Dear AK, I am in this really bad habit of talking about my parents behind their backs to each other.  They kind of started it because they get really irritated with each other now that they’ve both retired.  My dad complains about my mom spending money and my mom complains about my dad being a… Continue reading »


Fatty Fatty Cat Cat

Dear AK, My cat is fat.  He’s adorable, but I feel like he will die of obesity.  I try to make him active and feed him less than what he should be eating.  I even make him do situps with me.  Is it ok to just feed a cat to death?  I mean that’s the… Continue reading »


Done Gone and Lost my Job

Dear AK, I am in quite a bit of a bad situation.  I just recently lost my job and I cannot find a way to tell my wife.  We have recently started living with her parents to save money because her hours got cut recently and we are expecting a baby.  I do not want… Continue reading »

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