The Chocolate Chip Monster – Cookie Monster’s Pathetic Cousin

Dear AK, I have spent the last year and a half of my life working with this guy that hates his job.  And he might be the most negative person I have ever met.  You could literally say “wow what a beautiful day” and his response would be “well how long will that last.” I… Continue reading »


Working for a Moron

Dear AK, I am right out college and I hate my job. Everyone is saying how lucky I am to have a job, but I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I got the grades in college and played the game to get the job so I have done everything “correctly”. In a nutshell,… Continue reading »


Turning Japanese

Hi AK, I am wondering what advice you might have for someone who wants to change careers in this messed up economy.  The thing is, I have this great job and this great boss in the environmental geology field, but what I really want to do is become a sushi chef.  It is something that… Continue reading »

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